Apple AirPods 3 – Where Were They?


At Apple’s big unveiling party this year, there were largely no surprises. Perhaps the lack of the next AirPods was only a negative surprise. According to Leaks, they should be almost finished, but Apple decided against the presentation. Why?

That we will get a refreshed version of the AirPods shortly seems practically certain. Corresponding rumors and leaks have been around for a long time on the Internet, and now there is even specific technical information. But of course, without an official introduction from Apple, we can’t be entirely sure. However, according to the latest reports, production has already started, and Apple has already received the first batches. But there are still just not enough headphones.

Production Is In Full Swing.

This still quite low production volume is said to have been the reason for the lack of an announcement at the iPhone event. At the moment, however, it can be assumed that sales will start this year. Like their predecessors, the Airpods 3 will probably be real bestsellers, which is why Apple probably needs certain reserves. In general, Apple is known for wanting to avoid long delivery times for customers. This year, due to the ongoing shortage of chips, this is particularly difficult.

There were also significant delivery bottlenecks with the initial launch of the AirPods Pro, which even dragged themselves into the critical Christmas business. Such a large crowd is a strong sign for the company, but the whole thing is a bit annoying for the customer. If you are still looking for a PS 5, you can certainly tell a song about it.

AirPods In Pro Guise

Many details of the AirPods 3 seem to have leaked in the meantime. For example, there were even some first hands-on pictures that probably showed early production models. The design of the new AirPods is based on their pro brothers. However, the carrying form remains open and therefore without a silicone plug at the end. This probably means that active noise cancellation is also missing, as this does not work particularly well with an open fit.

The unveiling of the AirPods 3 should possibly take place next month. Here, Apple is considering an event for new Macs, at which the company could also introduce a few more devices. But as always, this information is kept under lock and key at Apple until shortly before publication, and we must be surprised.

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