Take a Look at These Tricks to Make Your Mobile Faster.

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Our mobile is a complete cog of components that work thanks to specific software. It is not necessary to remember that they are miniature computers. The performance problems that have traditionally occurred in desktop PCs or laptops can also be transferred to our smartphones. For that reason, we wanted to take a look at the best tricks to speed up your performance significantly.

A smartphone can have a correct performance as long as we carry out small rigorous maintenance. However, the massive installation of applications (sometimes harmful), the lack of storage space, and the saturation in the execution of applications can cause our mobile to not go completely fast. If this is your case or wants to make it go faster, do not miss these tips.

Tricks to Make the Mobile Go Faster

Use a File Cleaner

Many mobiles incorporate their cleaner in the system settings. If not, we can download a third-party app like Google Files. This application has a powerful junk file cleaner, which in many cases makes the device’s performance much worse.

Delete Unused Apps

Many of these apps run in the background, even if we never use them. It is convenient to take a tour of the application manager of our terminal and delete all those that we no longer use. In addition to saving space and freeing up the cache, we will prevent its execution from slowing down our mobile

After a lot of use, apps are “eating” memory from the device, which must use it and consume resources each time they are run. To avoid this, it is convenient to clean the “cache” or memory of these applications from time to time. To do this, we go to the application options and delete the cache one by one. It is possible that when entering some apps again, we will have to re-enter data such as username or password, but without a doubt, the performance of the mobile will improve.

Keep the Mobile Always Updated.

There are not a few users who have messages warning of pending updates. This should never be overlooked, as almost all updates released by manufacturers include improvements to the stability and performance of the system or its applications. We must therefore execute any pending updates without delay.

Turn off or Restart The Mobile.

How long has it been since you turned off your mobile? A simple gesture such as turning off the phone at least once every two days will allow the system to reset its cache and start up the cooler. We can also permanently close an app that is in the background consuming resources.

Boost Your Performance With Extra Help

If we spend a lot of time playing, it is very normal that after a while, the performance drops. The processor protects itself from overheating, reducing its speed and therefore weighing on the experience and fluidity. In this case, it could be good to install a third-party app such as Gaming Mode. It has an option that will free up the RAM and delete apps in the background so that everything works like a charm again.

Disable System Animations

It is a somewhat rudimentary method, but it will make our mobile go more fluid. To do this, we must go to the Settings / About menu and touch the compilation number 7 times. Once done, the “Developer Options” window will appear. We go to “Animations,” and we reduce all the options from 1X to 0.5X. In this way, we will notice an increase in speed when we move through the system or close or open applications.

Restore to Factory Settings

It is the most tedious and delayed method and one that we never want to get to. However, if the performance of our terminal is too slow and it is not solved with any of the previous tips, it is preferable to eliminate the problem at once. Restoring to factory values ​​will leave the terminal as new since it eliminates any trace of our activity. The most important thing is not to forget to make a backup copy of everything that we care about and stored in the device’s internal memory.

If we Have Any Problem

Suppose the performance of our mobile is horrible. In that case, we cannot make it go faster or any other problem related to its operation, so it is reasonable to make an appointment with our Technical Service to take a look. At Phone House, we have the best prices, but also the best after-sales professionals so that you feel well accompanied throughout the life of your mobile and much beyond.

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