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That’s it, you’ve started! You are now self-employed. There is still a crucial step: finding your first customers and winning your first contracts. How to do it? Where to look? So many questions you ask yourself! To help you find the answers effectively, here are some expert tips.

Site Internet

The Internet is now an integral part of everyone’s daily life. You can very well use it for professional purposes. For your future customers to easily spot you and to increase your visibility and notoriety, you must be present on the web. And as a professional, this presence must be neat. Then consider creating a showcase site. On this site or blog, visitors can get a clear idea of ​​who you are, what you do, how you do it, and possibly how much you do it. As you will have understood from its name, it is a showcase site that will directly reflect your personality as a person and freelancer. It would help if you found a way to encourage prospects to contact you to learn more about you, your offers, and your services.


Signing up for specialized platforms in your field is a very effective way to find customers quickly and efficiently. Moreover, more and more freelancers opt for this solution when they start (and even when they have been in the business for a long time). Through these platforms, you will be in touch more easily with potential customers, and you could also present your offers by responding to advertisements. The more missions you complete on these sites, the higher your profile will level up.

Social Networks

Social networks are not only made for personal use. And for a good reason, you can use them to find your first customers. Be careful, don’t fall into the trap: it’s not about creating a professional account on all platforms (although it can help a little). It is, above all, a question of finding THE network that will be able to propel you to your target customers. And the most popular network for this is Linkedin. This professional platform refocuses experts in all fields, freelancers, and several potential customers.

Professional Events

Above all, do not think these events will be useless to you. In addition to allowing you to create a network, it is also a way to make yourself known and introduce yourself to professionals in your field or different fields. You should also know that customers will receive your active participation in these events. As long as you can, always accept invitations to participate. If you can, you can also create your professional events. It is also much more effective in attracting customers and standing out from competitors.

Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the oldest and most effective techniques in commerce and entrepreneurship. Recommendation and connection are essential levers to activate to win new customers. And what better than a dynamic network to increase your chances of referrals and connections? Do not hesitate to ask some people you know if they have contacts in their networks which could be interested in your services. If so, ask them to introduce you to these people. These people will be much more receptive to your message through a trusted contact. For example, if your friend introduces you to someone they know, you’ll be more receptive to what they’ll tell you than an email from someone you don’t know. You would have understood it! If you want to contact someone you don’t know, try to get someone in your network to introduce you to them.

Opportunities Available

The best way to have opportunities is to provoke them! This is why it is essential to remain enterprising and active by announcing to your relations that you are looking for an extended mission in the context of such a profession by:

  • Attending networking events and get-togethers so you can be remembered.
  • Discussing with strategic contacts around a coffee, for example, Etc…

These small actions, taken over time, will allow you to generate opportunities. If an e-HRD has met you several times at networking evenings, he will probably think of you when he has a mission falling within your field of expertise.

In short, you will understand. To activate these three levers, reputation, connections, and opportunities, you will need to put yourself in a network dynamic to maintain existing relational links, join networks, and possibly create your network.

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