Differences Between Fiber And Cable For Connectivity

Even though there are notable differences between fiber and cable, the evolution of both network technologies has taken significant steps forward in a short time; Little more than fifteen years have separated us from analog modems (and their characteristic noises) to the implementation of the various xDSL options (ADSL and VDSL). Their speed is considerable: […]

Differences Between ADSL And Fiber Optic

If you are thinking of contracting the Internet, you are interested in knowing the differences between ADSL and Fiber Optic. We tell you. Today when it comes time to contract the Internet for companies, the great unknown that still raises many headaches arises the differences between ADSL and Fiber Optic. In this article, we will […]

What Is Fiber Optic And What Are Its Types?

We all have a simple idea of ​​fiber optics for Internet connection and how fast it has been, creating a revolution in telecommunications. For this reason, we want to talk in more detail about what types of fiber optics there are, their advantages and disadvantages, to decide which one suits your needs. Fiber Optics And […]

The Importance of Structured Cabling During a Crisis

Structured cabling is an infrastructure which supports an organisation’s performance when it comes to its network or cabling system. It can be referred to as a glue that acts as a binding agent between phones, pcs and other devices within a business organisation this way, it provides a versatile and reliable solution to various communication […]

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