Digital Tools That Will Boost Your Online Business


To have an online business, you have to have some knowledge of technology. But having a company does not imply being successful with it.

If you want your business to start growing and get the most out of it, take a look at the tools we recommend below.

Essential Tools To Boost Your Online Business

Whether it’s to organize yourself better and make your work easier “behind the scenes,” to boost your brand and visibility, or to make shopping on your website as intuitive and straightforward as possible, there are many tools that can help you.

We will make a small summary of the best tools in each sector so that your business is up to date and updated to the latest technology.

Trello – Learn To Keep Everything Organized.

Trello is one of the most widely used online task managers in the world. It’s clear, simple, and intuitive interface makes it possible for us to organize our work in a colorful, straightforward way and, above all, online.

It is a 100% online tool to dump all our pending tasks to have them under control. It has a web version and desktop and mobile applications so that we can consult and update our functions at any time and from anywhere.

Shopify – Get The Most Out Of Your Online Store

Few tools generate as much consensus as Shopify. After many years of being in the market, they have become the ideal platform for an online store. It is simple to use and offers multiple application options to customize our technicians fully.

One of the main aspects of online business is the customer experience. With good use of the applications, we can reduce the time between the customer entering the web and making the purchase by more than half.

Canva – Design Like a Pro

Canva is the ultimate online tool for designing beautiful publications in no time. 100% online, without the need for design knowledge, you can generate fantastic publications in a few minutes.

Easy to use, even if you are using a design tool for the first time. With trendy options and thousands of different styles to choose from to fill our networks of beautiful posts.

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Hootsuite – The Central Command Of Social Networks

Nowadays, it is essential to have an active and exciting profile on social networks.

You don’t always have time, and each social network has a different profile and audience. To make this easier, we have Hootsuite. With this tool, we can comprehensively and efficiently manage all our profiles in real-time and simultaneously.

Schedule your publications, publish on all networks simultaneously, and manage messages and requests, all without using your computer resources.

Mailchimp – Mailing Is Back More Vital Than Ever

Mailchimp is a tool that is focused on making it possible for us to reach thousands and thousands of customers through emails. It allows you to manage various mailing lists, adapts the content to each client, delivery schedules, and thousands of other functions.

Google Analytics – Real-Time Results

All the listed tools and marketing strategies are useless if we cannot see the results.

And Google is not just a search engine. Please take advantage of all the information you collect and offer it to us clearly and in real-time. So you can see the minute by minute of the users who enter your online store and what they do.

In addition, it generates personalized reports that are used to analyze our website and the behavior of our customers. In this way, we can find errors or improvements in our store or website and fix them simultaneously.


Each website and business is a world. We have selected tools that we believe can be used from a florist that sells physically and online to clothing and accessories sales businesses without a physical location.

Good internal organization comes first. Then, start to see how we can improve our website for users. Finally, let us know and analyze our clients.

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