How Free Wi-Fi Will Boost Your Business Profitability


It isn’t easy to imagine a modern person without the Internet. He gradually entered the life of everyone, and many were too dependent on him. Therefore, free Wi-Fi used to attract customers can easily affect its profitability.

The Internet has also penetrated mobile phones, and search engines are trying to adapt to mobile systems as much as possible.

It is impossible to say for sure whether this is good or bad, since using Wi-Fi access points that allow you to access the Internet from any computer, laptop, or another gadget, you can solve various problems:

  • call a taxi,
  • book tickets,
  • buy all kinds of goods
  • order services,
  • , etc.,

And at the same time, be anywhere where there is Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi access is now available in many public places.

Cafes, large and small supermarkets, parks, public transport, and even city and district governments try to attract visitors and tourists with free access, taking advantage of this modern addiction.

It is worth considering some priorities when creating or promoting your business because it is quite possible to increase income due to free Wi-Fi.

More clients

Due to the high attendance, there will be significant traffic of customers. Moreover, the search for establishments with free access points is searched through the Internet.

More often than not, higher attendance results in impressive profits. This is what every business owner expects.
So far, not everyone can connect to the Internet at home. Therefore, such customers will choose your institution because being with you, and they can simultaneously solve other essential issues that are being resolved today via the Internet.

This increases attendance and, of course, increases the number of customers of your establishment.

Word of Mouth

Using free Wi-Fi, visitors will spend more time in your establishment. Alternatively, they will want to eat or drink, and possibly more than once, which will cause unplanned purchases (especially for catering establishments).

Breaking away from the Internet, sitting in a cozy place, is not easy, so you can spend much more money than planned. They will likely advise their friends to visit you more often.

And where should they invite their friends and acquaintances? Today it is not very common to organize meetings at home. Most often, they gather in cafes or other “entertainment” establishments.

This means that everyone who was with you and used free access to the Internet will most likely invite their friends and acquaintances to a meeting with you, not somewhere else.


Having free Wi-Fi will increase your competitiveness. Where prices, location, and services used to be a priority, now the importance is to connect to the network at any time.

If the institution works around the clock, more visitors will want to use the available Internet, regardless of the time of day.

In general, the issues of competitiveness are very complex. And free Internet access for customers is an integral part of your business’ competitiveness, no matter how big or small.

Internet Maps And Mobile Applications

If the enterprise is registered on various Internet maps, it will be displayed in the first lines when searching. This is achieved thanks to Wi-Fi, but rather the visitors themselves, due to the mandatory authorization, will make the institution visit.

A business registered in a mobile application is also in demand. Such widespread popularity will only benefit any business.

Gifts For Reposts on The Network

Wi-Fi can be used as an additional sales incentive. Many companies use free access to lure customers. You need to connect to the network of a particular outlet, make a report on a social network and get a small flier, which can later be exchanged for a small gift. The advertising effect works almost instantly.

Even a tiny number of reposts of people who received gifts lead to the fact that about 50% of the customers who came for him buy an additional amount of goods and the bonus.

But we are not talking about one or two dozen people. As part of such actions, there may be thousands of them. This allows you to increase sales by several times.

Portrait of The Target Audience

All available information about visitors using their social pages will make it possible to draw up a buying portrait of potential customers successfully carry out promotions, make a preliminary sales forecast. These incomplete data will not be completely accurate, but they certainly will not be superfluous.

It is essential and at the same time very difficult to collect information about your current and potential customers. And here, a beneficial opportunity is provided to see the profiles of your customers’ profiles and their friends and like-minded people. So you see profiles of both existing and potential customers! And therefore, you can make critical decisions for your business about expanding or vice versa, reducing goods and services, diversifying, and other “tricks” that lead to business growth.

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