Smart Speakers – What They Are and What They Are For?


The attendees voices have become an excellent tool to make life easier for users in any situation, especially when they are at home. Some devices include these natively, such as smart speakers. We show you what the use you can give them is and if it is worth having one.

The truth is that more and more companies are offering options of this type in the market; since some have been offering products for a long time (such as Google), others have joined that also want to offer devices to users that are useful to them. In this case, we can talk about Apple or Xiaomi without going any further.

What Are Smart Speakers?

It could be said that they are wireless speakers; they generally use Bluetooth and WiFi technology (the latter necessary to be able to access the Internet), which inside has enough hardware to be able to run the voice assistants through the use of one or more. Various microphones that “understand” what is being said.

In this way, and without having to resort to a computer or mobile device, they can directly execute actions that allow users to learn information while sitting in a chair or manage other compatible accessories without the need to resort to the remote control. For the own buttons, they include. In other words, the maxim of obtaining greater utility with minimal effort is fulfilled.

It is important to indicate that Internet access is basic since it is in the cloud where answers to many of the questions that are asked are found and, even, it is the driver’s vehicle to make the most of smart speakers when making actions or to be able to use them remotely.

Things That Can Be Done With These Accessories

Thanks to the inclusion of voice assistants, which can be, for example, Alexa, Siri, or Google’s own, you will be able to ask a large number of questions and have an answer. An example of what we say to ignore the weather that will be in a certain place; know the most important news of the day; ask for a recipe you want to make, and even access a streaming music platform -such as Spotify- to listen to the music you like the most.

There is also the possibility of having an advanced synchronization that allows smart speakers to use voice to indicate to users that they have pending and the appointments scheduled in the calendars used on phones and tablets.

Finally, another of the very common functions in smart speakers is being able to manage compatible accessories. Without going any further, you can turn on or off a television if it is compatible with programming the operation of bulbs or plugs. And, always, using the voice exclusively and without having to manipulate absolutely anything.

Some Models That are Good Options

Next, we leave you some models that offer very good quality and are an excellent answer if you are looking to buy a smart speaker.

Apple HomePod mini

This is a good option offered by the Cupertino company and, therefore, compatible with its voice assistant, Siri. Ideal for those who have an Apple ecosystem, you can perform many actions such as knowing the traffic in a specific place, running HomeKit-compatible actions, and even answering the question about sports results. The Apple HomePod mini has a touch surface to carry out operations, and its design is quite attractive.

Google Home Mini

This is a model with small dimensions and therefore is the most suitable for those who do not have much space to place the smart speaker. Compatible with the Google Assistant, it offers perfect synchronization with Android phones, and you can directly manage a large number of cloud services. This Google Home Mini offers Bluetooth compatibility, and some tasks can be performed using custom voice commands.

Xiaomi Mi Pocket Speaker 2

A smart speaker with a striking design and good power is good enough to be a great option in rooms of all kinds. With good precision when it comes to recognizing the voice, it allows access to voice assistants without the slightest problem. It does not lack enough quality when playing music with the Xiaomi Mi Pocket Speaker 2, and because it is not particularly large, it can be easily placed. An answer to those who demand a model of wide compatibility and easy to use.

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