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If you have a website that you want to get the most out of, one of the main issues that you will have to address as soon as possible is the implementation of actions aimed at generating traffic to it. How to bring traffic to my website? It sure won’t be the first time you’ve asked yourself this question. Well, before unraveling all the existing technical possibilities, one thing you have to assume is that the common denominator of all of them is effort and dedication. And, as a synthetic summary of everything that we will deal with below, we can anticipate that your mission will consist of controlling the traffic management, that is, the management of web traffic through powerful (but not magical) instruments, such as SEO., PPC, social media and many others whose virtues we will try to make clear to you.

Turn your website into a door to infinity

We assume that you will already be aware that your website is the online showcase of your business, the platform that allows you to publicize your products and services in the digital universe, and that scene where your brand can earn the trust of your potential customers. But what good is a carefully designed website full of quality content, if it does not receive visitors who appreciate its virtues?

Within the world of online marketing, to define the stages that any user goes through, before reaching the objective they are looking for, a term called a conversion funnel is used. It indicates the percentage of interest losses that occur in each of these stages, which allows us to identify where the weak points are that reduce the conversion of users into leads and, finally, into customers.

All of this can be kept under control, but, for this, you should pay attention to this small guide of actions, which can serve as the axis for your experience in online marketing :

  • Get an SEO-optimized CMS. A CMS is a little program that provides you with support for the creation and administration of the content with which you want to feed your web page or blog, to give it that professional packaging that it requires.
  • Mark the target of your actions well, that is, be clear who you want to target, considering it the main focus of the customer pool. This implies looking for possible market niches where, logically, there are the greatest possibilities of obtaining visits.
  • Make every effort to publish content of the maximum value for those who make up that market niche and set a publication frequency that is neither too long nor too dense. Both extremes are not advisable to reach your goal of generating traffic, so a weekly periodicity is usually recommended.
  • Do an exhaustive analysis of what your competitors are doing and you will be able to collect data to make interesting content that will serve as a hook. This is what is called inbound marketing, which reverses the sense of traditional communication between brands and consumers.
  • Look for the highest number of subscribers for your blog, as a large list of them has the value of a real treasure.
  • Do not close yourself to directing the content only on your website, as it is very profitable to do it also on other blogs with a similar theme, where you must add links to your website, so that your authority on the Internet is forging, something that will have repercussions, without a doubt. , in the traffic you receive.
  • Give the importance it deserves to the presence in social networks, but without falling into the temptation of trying to cover all of them: depending on the topic you are dealing with, some will be more suitable than others to generate abundant traffic to your blog. However, in general terms, they are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn (in this order, the most suitable).
  • In brand branding, he is very grateful for the use of infographics, very effective in increasing the authority of our domain and, consequently, in getting visits. As it is very common for websites to demand this type of content, links from their authors are inserted.

Optimize your site for search engines, that is, practice SEO

Positioning a site among the top ten of Google searches on its subject is an almost infallible guarantee of obtaining a good flow of traffic. And how is this done? You must carefully handle the subject of HTML tags, as each page of your site must have a title tag and a meta description that is the tip of the iceberg regarding the content that is offered. Most of the clicks received come as a result of natural positioning techniques, SEO, and only a quarter corresponds to the so-called sponsored links.

Something that is essential for you to understand is that an SEO strategy only works in the long term. To carry it out, you must focus on a bunch of 510 keywords, which you will choose according to the difficulty of positioning. The SEO has another virtue, in contrast to the SEM: infinitely lower investment required.

But while one of the best formulas you have at your disposal, to get a lot of traffic, is based on SEO actions, there is an interesting repertoire of marketing mechanisms that, depending on your budget, you can also adopt.

Be a Google favorite

If you want to achieve that status, a fairly straightforward path is to use your own social network, Google Plus. It is proven that regularly sharing good content there has a very favorable impact on the positioning of a site and, consequently, on the traffic it receives.

This phenomenon gives the fact of having a blog, if possible, and added utility to attract traffic, which is because your publications can be shared on Google+, which gives your brand notoriety and ensures more visits. This is what is called social media SEO. If you share content on Google+, you enhance the virality of your content and increase the number of links.

Social media: an extraordinary ally for traffic

Apart from Google+, being active on the main social networks is another of the most direct channels to generate traffic to your website. Sharing content on them will cause a diverting effect to your site of a part of the thousands of visits they receive.

The crux of good dissemination on social media is that you have a community of followers that values ​​you to the point of feeling stimulated to spread your content to their respective contacts, which translates into a geometric progression that can bring you juicy revenue. You must strive to locate the figure of influencers, due to their enormous relevance when it comes to gaining prestige. And an important fact: consumers attracted by these channels tend to show greater loyalty to the brand.

In this area, a suggestion that we can make to you and you should not let yourself fall on deaf ears is to organize contests that involve users with your brand and cause traffic to be sent to your portal. This belongs to the strategy known as gamification.

Paid advertising: a good short-term resource

Without a doubt, a PPC campaign on Google or a social network guarantees traffic quickly. Broadly speaking, it consists of designing ads aimed at a specific target, so that they are displayed in searches related to your brand’s theme. For this reason, many companies allocate economic items to this type of campaign, capable of opening, in a short time, your business to your potential customers.

The PPC can be focused on users who carry out their searches with a computer or those who do it through mobile devices. In any case, among all the possibilities, Google AdWords stands out, with which you can attract customers at a fairly affordable cost.

The options based on paid advertising do not end there, because, for example, you can work on relevant sites through banners or popups, ads on YouTube, etc.

Email marketing campaigns

They are another ideal method to double your number of visits, for which it is convenient to hire an advertising agency that, logically, will have records of email addresses segmented by profiles. If you are in an advanced phase, in which you have already equipped yourself with a good list of subscribers, you can send them emails using tools such as MailChimp or Blue. In the emails you send them, insert at least one link to your website.

Participate in forums related to your market niche

Your potential clients will probably participate in a discussion forum. Your initial task is to identify which one or which of them can contribute more and, when you see the opportunity (here it is advisable not to force), include a link to your page or a post published on your blog.

We are done with multimedia resources

The images, videos, and infographics are an excellent attraction for those interested in buying your products and publishers of other blogs that consider materials of high intrinsic value. We recommend that, to the latter, you ask them to send a link to the original content that you have previously hosted in a blog post.

We could continue listing more or less effective tools for your website to acquire the luster it surely deserves, such as affiliate programs, video marketing, etc. Now it’s your turn: apply yourself and have the necessary perseverance to end up opening the doors of success.

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