Gadget Trends – Applications For Video Surveillance Cameras In B2B [2021]

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Video cameras as intelligent, AI-supported technologies are proving to be supporters for business and society: Deep AI applications can not only be used for traffic control, but also for organizational tasks in the context of the pandemic. With hyper-automation, the topic of automation will be turned a little further in 2021 – here too, video surveillance cameras provide support with essential tasks. Panasonic gives an outlook for 2021.

Current trends in video surveillance

Forward-looking technology

In the future, it will be more and more about predicting behavior and danger points instead of looking for them reactively. Cameras will no longer just be supporters here, but active helpers so that the staff can concentrate on the essentials.

Face recognition and behavioral patterns:

Information about the behavior of people in public spaces is becoming more and more important for infrastructure planning and public safety. A trend that can be summarized under the term “Internet of Behaviors”. Intelligent cameras also play a role in data collection. For example, using face recognition: Panasonic solutions can already reliably identify faces through data comparison, even if people wear sunglasses, headgear or a face mask or were only recorded facing away.

Deep AI

Deep AI applications can be used, for example, by retailers to improve the customer experience, for traffic monitoring in cities, and for intelligent parking systems that detect the load. They also use event organizers or administrators of traffic hubs and motorways to monitor and ensure safety. The modern network surveillance cameras with integrated AI functions are ideally suited for this next generation of intelligent applications in business and society. AI video motion detection (AI-VMD) plays an important role in this. It recognizes whether the objects filmed are people or vehicles and can even differentiate between cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. It can also be used to prevent break-ins,

Progressive Automation

There is a trend in many companies to automate as many business and IT processes as possible even more. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and intelligent business software will gain in importance – and grow together even more than before. This trend is also noticeable in the area of ​​surveillance cameras: they are becoming even more clearly optimized solutions that capture and analyze scenarios with significantly less personnel expenditure.

Environmental Protection And Sustainability

On the one hand, more value is being placed on high-quality and fair products that conserve resources thanks to their long service life, but also save money. And on the other hand, AI-enabled cameras can directly help protect the environment, for example when identifying intruders in nature reserves or in certain situations such as dumping garbage, fallen trees or the occurrence of fire.

Pandemic Management:

Deep learning applications, in particular, can be used for organizational tasks in the context of the current pandemic, such as social distancing, hospital occupancy rates, and the wearing of face masks. These are also helpful in hospitals, especially when the staff is overloaded, as it is recognized, for example, when a patient falls and needs help. The AI ​​engine enables alarms to be triggered with greater accuracy than ever based on predefined parameters, for example when events occur differently than expected or deviate from normal. In the future, they can even be linked to audio signals – for example, when a crowd gathers or divides because a bang happens.

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