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It is almost impossible to carry out modern business processes without using new information and communication devices. However, the trend towards more devices and a shorter useful life hurts the environment. With this in mind, more and more sustainability-oriented companies are opting for “IT refurbishing” and “refurbished IT”. In the following sections, you can read what is behind the terms and why it pays off for companies of all sizes to think about this type of “technology recycling”.

Whether desktop PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, network devices or storage systems: advanced information and communication devices are omnipresent and the basis of our private and business everyday life. Therefore, it is not surprising that new, even more, robust hardware solutions are finding their way onto the market in ever shorter innovation phases – and companies, in particular, are more likely to guarantee flexibility, agility, efficiency, and convenience in everyday business.

In some companies, exclusive business equipment is sent to the disposal company after only three to five years. However, it would still be possible to put it into operation without any problems.

From an economic and ecological point of view, this approach is anything but sustainable. Since the production, use, distribution and waste disposal of those business devices is always associated with a great depletion of natural resources and significant environmental impact.

Against this background, it is worthwhile for companies to extend the period of IT and communication devices as much as possible.

A practical approach in this context is the so-called “IT refurbishing”.

From Old To New!

“IT was refurbishing” is the quality-assured and professional recycling of used business equipment by trained salespeople and companies. The primary purpose is to resell those refurbished IT and communication devices and bring them to the second cycle of use.

All IT and communication devices that go through a “refurbished process” are labeled “Refurbished IT”.

These business devices come from expired leasing contracts or rental models in most everyday situations. Especially since they are usually equipped with high-quality IT components and designed for durability and reliability, “IT refurbishing” would be particularly appropriate for them.

High Standards In The Refurbishing Process!

With the aim that used business devices can be marketed as “refurbished IT”, they have to go through the multi-stage and aligned preparation and quality assurance process.

This Includes, For Example, The Following Steps:

Professional Data Erasure

One of the premises of “IT refurbishing” is to remove all business data from your used equipment and reset it to its factory settings. This step is very relevant because, on the one hand, all business data is business-critical and therefore particularly worthy of protection. On the other hand, information protection must also be observed urgently during “IT refurbishing”.

Visual Inspection and Classification:

In this step, IT experts look for signs of use or damage. If the models are externally flawless, they are classified as “1. Choice”. In the case of minor external signs of use, they are appropriately classified as “2. Choice”. Those with more vital signs of wear are only used as spare parts donors because they no longer meet the quality criteria.

Technical Check And Preparation:

Another critical step in the “refurbishing process” is technical analysis and preparation. The respective device is thoroughly tested for everything imaginable during the step, and all defects are eliminated. In addition, individual hardware components can be exchanged for new and more powerful versions – this is the case with hard drives or SSDs, for example.

Cleaning And Optical Preparation:

In this process step, the business devices are cleaned both externally and internally to look new at the end.

Installation And Final Inspection:

To ensure that the “refurbished IT” is technically up to date, the current operating system and all suitable drivers are downloaded and set up at some dealers. Equipped with additional software, the overhauled device is inferior to new gadgets in performance or functionality, despite the second product life cycle.

Refurbished IT: Benefits At a Glance!

The advantages of refurbished IT speak for themselves:

From The Point of View of The Companies:

With “IT refurbishing”, companies can, for example.

  • extend the service life of IT and communication devices
  • improve sustainability in the company
  • make an essential contribution to resource protection, recycling management and climate protection
  • reduce the amount of electronic waste

From The Point of View of The End Consumer:

With “Refurbished IT”, consumers get, among other things,

  • an effective and high-performance IT and communication device at a considerably lower price
  • depending on the refurbished provider, a guarantee of up to 10 years
  • the opportunity to use the resources already used to make better use of the outdated model and thus contribute to climate and resource protection
  • to reduce the amount of electronic waste
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