What Is Marketing Psychology?

Marketing Psychology

Relationship between Psychology and Marketing

The Psychology of Marketing is essential at any level, to define strategies or performing any commercial activity . Psychology focuses on humans and market marketing.

Our work is developed in interpreting what clients transmit to us to know their needs and thus, to be able to define strategies to achieve our objectives.

Psychological factors that influence Marketing

If we have confidence in ourselves, we can attack any situation or scenario. This will lead us to have Security in what we do; adding Motivation, it will give us a plus to face any challenge. In our field, it would be closing a sale, scheduling a meeting with a potential client or definitely generating leads for our company. We must not forget Concentration to focus on our goal.

Once Our Objective is Visualized, which we must always keep in mind, we will develop our ability to convince and change the emotions of the listener through Speech Techniques and Non-Verbal Communication.

Obviously Empathy is an important factor to know the needs of our client. Know what you are looking for, price, quality, service, personalized treatment; or even any other relevant factor, even if it was eccentric, that would lead us to capture the account.

Arriving in this situation, we will be prepared to achieve Success at a commercial level: cold door visits, telemarketing, customer loyalty, telephone sales, …

Marketing Psychology

Having seen the factors that influence the psychology of marketing, we will focus on applying them in our strategies and campaigns.

The external patterns that influence decision-making are diverse: family, friends or the media . The prior psychological stimuli are important for marketing, even being able to reach impulse buying, so we must work at the marketing level to change the emotions of our potential customers, changing their preferences and avoiding rejection.

Due to this, our main objective will be to maximize the purchase options of a product or service, achieving the appropriate perception.

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Examples of Marketing Psychology

Emotional Marketing: the persuasion is important to change behavior with external influences. With motivation, we have to create expectations
Neuromarketing: consists of influencing the subconscious of consumers. The 90% of thoughts and emotions happen before we are aware. According to the Nudge theory, with simple and attractive aspects, we can influence decision-making without economic prohibitions . For example, we must place the products with several options in an attractive way to facilitate their choice, avoiding being cheeky so as not to fall into the opposite effect and create a cognitive barrier of rejection, so we must be subtle

Tips related to Marketing Psychology

The user always wants to touch and feel to value the products and even, when hiring services, sometimes he likes, as they say, to put on a face. We have to be honest, adding value without deception. These values ​​will give us confidence to face the commercialization.

Some ideas to support us in our marketing strategy:

The colors affect indirectly shape our brand image , you can assess their significance

Play with words:  I leave you some relevant ones, certified, guarantee, official, loyal, …

Repetitive purchase: once we have bought a product from a brand, it will be easier to repeat it a second time

Highlight the first number by setting prices : We pay more attention to the first number, the popular 9.99


As in any field, must we constantly investigate the behavior of our customers to anticipate the competition and their own thoughts?

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