5 Keys That Will Define The New Business Culture

Business Culture

The appearance of the hybrid employee or ending face-to-faceism are some of the changes that are closest to taking place.
The situation we have experienced has disrupted all the plans and forecasts made and has completely changed the labor and economic system. Those organizations that saw the implementation of measures such as teleworking or time flexibility far or impossible have experienced the positive effects of these new measures.
In fact, 68% of workers state that they are equally or more productive working remotely, so it is not surprising that both employees and companies want to continue betting on it. In addition, it has also served to realize that sometimes being “present” is not synonymous with increased productivity.

Without a doubt, this new scenario has laid the foundations for organizations to change their business culture naturally, something that will help it to be more accepted and promoted by the staff itself. We analyze what will be the keys to this new business culture that has started after this crisis:

Hybrid Worker: With the positive implementation that teleworking has had, many employees do not want to return to the office or at least not do so permanently. Specifically, according to a study, 77% of employees would like to combine distance work with face-to-face work. In this way, they will be able to continue enjoying a greater degree of reconciliation of personal and work life, avoiding trips to the workplace.
4-day weeks: enjoying more free time for better reconciliation and to reactivate consumption are some of the reasons why you could bet on establishing 4 days of work per week, instead of the current five. A survey conducted in the United Kingdom concludes that 77% of workers observe a clear link between a four-day week and a better quality of personal life. In this way, both the company and the worker himself must make a change in work culture and bet more on achieving objectives than on face-to-face work.
Greater digitization: if one tool has been the lifeline of companies, it has been technology. In recent months, companies have begun or intensified the digitization processes of their processes, so it is not surprising that this will continue in the near future. This will mean a change, both in the company itself and in the culture of the workforce, since there are many workers who will have to train in new skills to know how to use the new digital tools.
Greater role of internal communication: the combination of remote work and face-to-face work will increase the importance of this communication tool with employees. All workers must be aware of the company’s news regardless of where they are carrying out their work, so having a good internal communication strategy is key for the feeling of belonging to the company to grow and the staff at the same time. feel more motivated. In fact, a motivated team pays 44% more and increases employee engagement by 27%, according to the study.
Guarantee digital disconnection: People work an average of two hours more daily since we connect from home. Therefore, it is vital to know how to disconnect when the workday has already ended or the established objective has been met. Failure to do so can have negative consequences for the company and worker since in the long term it can produce stress and affect productivity.

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