Ten Tips For Successful Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Do you want to start creating an email campaign? Emailings are simple marketing tools that allow you to meet your objectives. We explain everything to you!
Do you want to introduce your new products or services, build loyalty, prospect, or keep in touch with your target? Email campaigns will help you reach your target directly.
Both a communication tool and a commercial tool, to avoid falling directly into the baskets of your targets, several rules must be respected toto hope to be read and appreciated by your recipients!
Do you have a lot of questions about carrying out emailing campaigns? Do not panic; in this article, we give you valuable advice for the success of your email campaigns.
Discover here our advice for the success of your emailing campaigns.

Ten Tips For Your Emailing Campaigns.

Implementing an emailing campaign is, above all, a work of reflection with the creation of a concrete and adapted strategy to meet your objectives. If you thought email campaigns were done in minutes, think again! 

We reveal the best advice for your emails. 

Define your goals 

First of all, you need to define your goals. Specifying your objectives will allow you to give the starting point for your emailing. 

So think about your campaign goal: 

  • Do you want to increase your notoriety? 
  • Do you want your target to buy products? 
  • Do you want your target to download a brochure? 
  • Do you want your target to participate in a contest? 
  • Do you want your target to visit your site? 

In short, the objectives are numerous, you will understand, but they are important to lay the foundations of your emailing. 

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Target your audience 

After defining your goals, targeting the right contacts is key to maximizing impact and engagement. 

To carry out relevant and effective targeting, you need to understand your leads (in other words, your potential customers, prospects, or contacts). 

The more you know your target, the easier it will be for you to satisfy them. Consider this: Why would your email more likely interest your contacts than another? By knowing the target and analyzing their interests and behaviors, you will be able to meet their needs. 

These analyzes will allow you to target the message with dedicated and adapted communication actions. 

Targeting allows you to reach people likely to be interested in your emailing. Explanations with an example. 

Your company offers items (clothing, accessories) from birth to 14 years of age. You cannot send an email about “the essentials of your child’s first three years” to your entire base. Contacts with children over the age of 4 will not be interested and will find the content you offer inappropriate and unsuitable for their needs. They could then unsubscribe, and you will lose valuable contacts.

Hence, targeting and segmenting contact lists to submit content they wish to receive is important. 

Work on your object, but not only…

The object is THE important thing that should not be overlooked! This object will or will not encourage your target to open your email.

Your subject must make the recipient want to open your email; it must be short, invite the opening of the email, and arouse curiosity. Answering all of this in just a few words is possible! 

The subject should call to action, be explicit, and be relevant to the content of the email. Limit yourself to a maximum of 50 characters. 

Some formulas work better than others; you can include: 

  • A figure: “The top 5 solid cosmetics.” 
  • A notion of urgency “Only five days left to take advantage of your reduction.” 
  • One or more superlatives: “Most beautiful.” 
  • Emojis for more proximity 

Take care of your object, yes, but not only…

The pre-header must be worked so that the recipient wants to know more. It allows you to give your target a first preview of the content and thus gives an additional opportunity to encourage the opening of the email. It must therefore be optimized so that it is displayed at best. 

We advise you to limit yourself to 35 characters so that it can be displayed. 

The sender’s name and address are equally important. They must inspire confidence and reassure your recipient. If your name or email address is too original and your recipient does not know you, distrust and fear will be in order. 

Bet on the simplicity and ease of recognizing your brand so that your contacts feel safe. 

Bet on personalization 

Your target highly values personalization. So why not use it? 

In particular, you can refer to your customer’s previous purchases by offering them similar items or items to complete. 

The more you personalize your email, the more your target will appreciate your content. Do not hesitate to mention your recipient’s first name in the email’s body “Hello Louise! We have concocted a selection of products just for you. » 

Be concise 

That’s it, and your email is open! 

Now on to the content. Clear, precise, and concise content. Don’t be too long. Choose short and attractive content so that your contacts read your email completely.

Think that your interlocutors need more time to give you. This little time is precious, so make the most of it! Insert a call to action; your targets will immediately understand what you expect from them: “I take advantage of it” or “I discover.”

As you will have understood, the message must be clear, easy to understand and short. 

Take care of the form. 

After the content, the form. It is just as important as the content. Nobody wants to read a badly presented message. 

It takes a lot of work to have a nice layout. For that : 

You can hire a graphic designer in a communication agency to help you build attractive models with professional visual content. 

You can also use online email creation platforms like Mailchimp.

Optimize sending schedules 

To maximize your chances of opening: send your emails at the right time. Avoid Monday morning (too many emails to deal with) and Friday afternoon (leaving for the weekend). 

Adapt the sending according to the offer you propose. 

Test your emails 

Test to ensure everything works, that the email displays correctly, and that it is pleasant to read. 

You can also set up A/B testing to compare several sendings of the same email by changing a few characteristics to optimize your return on investment. This A/B testing will allow you to analyze what works best. 

In particular, you can test: 

  • Sending time 
  • The format 
  • Calls to Action 
  • The hooks
  • The object 
  • And many others…

Offer the unsubscribe option. 

Give your contacts the freedom to unsubscribe discreetly. You cannot please everyone, which is why this option must be present to facilitate unsubscribing. 

Analyze your results to improve. 

It is important to measure the results obtained to identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve and perfect yourself on your next emailing campaigns.

Here are the things you can analyze: 

  • The open rate determines the number of emails opened compared to the number of emails sent. The subject is decisive in the opening of your emails.
  • The click-through rate corresponds to the number of links clicked in your emails compared to the number of emails sent. 
  • The unsubscribe rate represents the number of unsubscribes compared to the number of emails sent.
  • The bounce rate determines the number of emails that could not be delivered compared to the number of emails sent.

With all this information, you can conclude the elements that please and do not please your target. 

The Final Word

Nothing beats implementing a solid strategy to succeed in your emailing campaigns, which over time, will need to be optimized with adjustments thanks to the analysis of the results obtained.
The mailings must be of high quality by offering real added value while creating a relationship of trust with your contacts.
You now have all the elements in your possession to get started. So what are you waiting for?

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