What is CRM? and How Can It Help You To Manage Your Business?


CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy that prioritizes the client and their needs, intending to offer better products and services according to the particularities of each client.

If you need to manage your contacts or have a clearer vision of your sales, CRM software can help you improve business efficiency, retain your customers and find new ones.

How Does Customer Management Benefit Your Company?

Most companies spend much of their time on sales and marketing as a way to get leads. However, the key to success is also betting on strategies that allow them to retain current customers. This is because the costs associated with finding new customers are higher than maintaining current ones.

CRM software works as a database of current and potential customers. This automation ensures the organization in increasing revenue, sales, and profits. But first of all, you must know your client very well and understand what they need. By storing all the details of your customers, while you keep track of the interactions, this software offers you several advantages in the management of your company:

Create a Database

The primary function of this software is to create a database that includes all the contacts of your clients. However, this tool can do much more than just store data.

Record Activities

A CRM also allows you to record calls, contacts, emails, schedule meetings, and respond to customer-related issues. With this system, it is possible to record each interaction and know the complete history of the relationship between the company and the consumer. This allows you to get to know the customer better and create personalized strategies for subsequent contacts.

Manage Customer Interactions

Find out when is the right time to make calls or send emails. CRM lets you know when a consumer hasn’t been contacted for some time or how many emails or phone calls turn into sales. With this information, you can understand how many calls or messages you will have to reach your goals.

Check Reports

The ability to view reports makes it easy to plan customer management strategies. The most relevant data is organized and presented in a straightforward way, which helps with decision-making.

Automate Processes

Technology is the best ally for process automation and counteracts low productivity by simplifying and streamlining work. In addition, the margin of error in the processes decreases significantly.

A CRM can help you get the most relevant information from your customers, and at the same time, allows you to reach your potential customers. Using this software will enable you to optimize all processes while maintaining healthy relationships.

When you contact a client, all the information about this interaction will be recorded in the system. The updated information from the client guarantees more value for your business since it allows you to respond to the individual needs of each one.

These are some of the advantages of CRM technology:

  • More personal, up-to-date, and relevant conversations, increasing customer satisfaction;
  • Customer loyalty.
  • More sales.
  • Increase in income.

What Types of CRM Are There?

Businesses can choose from three main types of CRM, depending on their needs.

Operational CRM

Operational CRM relies on marketing and sales to compile a comprehensive database of each customer’s history. It provides a global view of each customer’s interactions with the company and is very useful for organizing contacts and tracking the activities and profiles of each one.

Analytical CRM

Analyze customer data and identify patterns to help make better decisions. It is used to understand better why customers buy or not specific products, collect more data on the target audience, and improve the sales strategy and process.

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM allows you to organize and share customer information with internal and external stakeholders. It helps improve communication between departments and optimizes customer loyalty strategies.

Once you know the benefits that each type of CRM can offer you, you must choose the most appropriate for your business. Keep in mind that each company is different and has different objectives.

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