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Neither the inbox, Facebook, nor LinkedIn has replaced the business card. When attending an important business meeting with new clients or partners, business cards remain a must when attending industry trade shows or conferences. They keep changing hands to provide new contacts with your contact details. And yes, even today, in a primarily digital world, the paper business card continues to provide important information about the holder beyond the data reported on it: the type of card, the format, the chosen graphics, everything. It helps to make a particular impression. Starting from this assumption, the business card has evolved, in many cases breaking away from the classic formats: let’s see how!


You know, the classic business card is made up of the traditional white slip, printed on both sides, with few essential data: on the one hand, the name of the company is central, accompanied at most by the logo; from the other character and contact details, and nothing else—simple, essential, undeniably elegant and refined. In the field of classic business cards, one can only play on the type of paper, the type of font and the type of printing.

And if the classic models continue to intrigue for their elegance, the modern ones never fail to amaze. Why not surprise new contacts with a business card that looks square instead of the traditional rectangular format? And why not gain extra space with a double ticket, which opens like a book? And it is then possible to play on the type of card, passing from Bristol to Modigliani, up to supports in laid Conqueror.


The modern business card is often distinguished not only by the format but also by the graphics. In this sense, digital printing can give magnificent results to create beautiful shades or fascinating graphic constructions with strong contrasts and brilliant images. And again, modern tickets are distinguished by the reformulation of the rules: let’s think, for example, of the graphics which, instead of reporting the data written in small print on a complimentary background, decide to enlarge the fonts, occupying all the available space, to distribute slips in able to strike new contacts immediately. Or again, let’s think of the unconventional alignments of the text, the two contrasting sides, and so on. As for content, more and more companies are inserting more data, that is, a QR code that allows you to connect directly to the company website. A brilliant move!

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