Offline Marketing – Integrate It Into Your Online Strategy


Social media campaigns, content strategies, email automation … it might seem that there is no room for offline marketing nowadays. However, it is the perfect complement to all the company’s activities on the Internet. Despite the time that we all spend daily on the Internet, the reality is that not all of our day to day takes place in the virtual environment and, therefore, the contacts with the brand that occur in the proximity of the physical space, they can make a big difference.

What Is Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing is any advertising or promotional practice that uses traditional media to publicize a brand and its products. These can be all kinds of strategies, as long as they cover television, radio, billboards, print media, and in-person events. There are no limitations as long as it is about media that have nothing to do with the Internet. Therefore, we can find business cards, t-shirts, banners or billboards, newspapers, magazines, flyers, radio advertising, car wraps, or even tattoos.

Nowadays, it is pretty standard for offline marketing to complement the primary strategy. Most of the time, traditional marketing methods support online efforts.

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How Do You Know If Offline Marketing Works And Pays Off?

While Google Analytics is an excellent resource for measuring the progress of online marketing campaigns, what about offline marketing?

Bearing in mind that decisions in this area are made based on data (and not intuition), it is necessary to find those sources of information to confirm if the strategy in place is correct or needs adjustments.

Among the methods that make it possible to know if an offline campaign is successful, some of the most effective relate it to the initiatives underway on the Internet.

Thus, it is advisable to resort to:

  • Promotional codes to use on the web.
  • Business cards with a link to a landing page.
  • The form requires explaining where the brand has been heard of.
  • Take advantage of offline brand tracking software.
  • Use of QR codes.

The “old school” marketing methods have not disappeared with the rise of the digital age, and that is why the possibility of integrating them into the online strategy must be kept in mind.

But while they can be handy for certain businesses, they are also quite challenging to track down. There are many ways to measure the ROI of traditional advertising, and it is essential to find the one that best suits the company’s needs.

It Is Necessary To Measure The Success Of Offline Marketing.

Use filters, verify traffic analysis without references, look for changes in the volume of search for brands, see where discount codes are used … There are many ways to know the origin of a customer or lead.

The marketing campaigns offline are an excellent way to generate business and traffic. But, without proper monitoring, they do not provide all the value that could be derived from this type of initiative.

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