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The vast majority of those who use the Internet do so through Google Chrome – exactly 71% of the users on the Internet – a browser developed by the American giant that combines all the features of Google.

Beyond the options offered by any browser, it allows you to translate complete websites and send videos to your Smart TV through Chromecast. Although the best thing about this program is, without a doubt, that it has 150,000 extensions with which to customize your way of browsing. They are generally free and perform functions that streamline Internet use.

These tools are useful at any scale, but in this case, we have made a selection of the best for entrepreneurs due to their effectiveness and what they can contribute to the owners of any company.

Save to Pocket

Thanks to this extension it is possible to save those articles that you have found interesting but that at that moment you have not had enough time to read them. It is very common to see a report with valuable information and then get lost among the large number of tasks and websites that we visit. With Save Pocket you will be able to collect them all and dedicate the necessary time to them when you can.


Writing correctly is a must in the business world. Grammarly reviews all your texts in English so that you have good use of this language, from your emails to any tweet. In addition, it gives you information about good grammatical use in the margins.

Streak CRM

This tool brings much more value to your Gmail email. With it, it is possible to create contact lists and store email templates. In addition, you can know if your emails have been opened and read by the recipients.


The Chrome extension of the famous program facilitates the option of publishing the same content on all your social networks – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. – at the moment, thus helping to keep in touch with your audience.


Opening a new browser tab where you can see all the pending tasks that you have to do can help you focus more on it. With this extension, every time you open a new window or tab in the browser, you will be able to stay productive due to the data it provides: current time, to-do list, a beautiful image, an inspiring phrase, and your goal for the day.

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