What Is A Drone And Where Can We Fly Them?


The use of drones is increasingly widespread and it is increasingly common to find people flying this type of radio-controlled toy, although its use is much more restrictive than it might seem and we must take certain precautions if we have to acquire and pilot one. Although it is not necessary to have any license (unless we are professionals) if we must be clear in what situations we can enjoy your experience.

Today we are going to talk about drones, what are the different types that we can find, what requirements we must meet to fly them

What are drones and what are the differences between them

A drone is an unmanned ground or aerial vehicle that is controlled remotely, either by means of a radio control, by means of a mobile phone or a tablet. Drones can be military or civil, and it will be on the latter that we are going to focus on. They can also be terrestrial or aerial, which are those prepared and designed to fly, equipped with rotors that give it the possibility of moving, as well as gyroscopes that give them stability. We can differentiate two types of drones:

Recreational drones: these devices are usually the smallest oriented to perform pirouettes and stunts of all kinds. They are usually the cheapest, but also the ones that offer the least stability. With them, we can do all kinds of jumps, twists, and turns to have fun. It is undoubtedly the cheapest way to enjoy a drone.

Drones to take photos and videos: they are usually more professional and better quality devices, equipped with a powerful camera that will allow us to broadcast the drone’s route live, as well as record and take photographs. They are more expensive models than the creative ones and are aimed at enjoying the landscape of the sea or the mountains from another perspective.

What requirements must we meet to fly drones

We must meet the following requirements to be able to fly a drone:

  • Fly at a minimum distance of 8 km from any airport or aerodrome.
  • Flying out of controlled airspace.
  • Do not exceed 120 meters above the ground.
  • Fly during the day and in good weather conditions. If the drone weighs less than 2 kilograms, night flights are allowed as long as they do not exceed 50 meters in height.
  • Flights will always be within the visual range of the pilot.
  • Aircraft weighing less than 250 grams may fly in the city and over crowds of people and buildings as long as they do not exceed 20 meters in height.
  • Although it is not mandatory for recreational use, it is highly recommended to have liability insurance.
  • If the weather conditions change and rain or fog appears, we must stop the flight immediately.
  • Additionally, each town has specific areas to fly drones, so we must inform ourselves about it.

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