What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) – Uses & Advantages Of VPN


Many people In 2020, are you using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) To overcome the risks and insecurity on the web, it is becoming a very practical software for any Internet user. It is also appreciated for these many advantages. VPN, however, is not a flawless technology. On these few lines, let’s discuss in detail its advantages and uses in our network world.

What is a VPN

What is VPN – for Virtual Private Network means an encrypted network in the Internet network, it allows an entity to share documents in a completely secure way as if there was only an internal local network. The ability to change/hide your IP is very secure and also allows you to thwart localized censorship.

But it’s not just for fun. A good VPN also secures your internet connection, protects your privacy, and hides your identity, which protects you from hackers and anyone who tries to monitor your online activity.

It’s important to remember that not all VPNs are created equal, and everyone has their own set of pros and cons. We will explain all of this to you in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

The advantages of a VPN

Safe and anonymous browsing

With a VPN, you can surf the internet safely. Whether you’re on a public VPN or just connecting to your home, you should know that you are not immune to scams and data hackers. check out some top vpn services

The VPN has data encryption protocols that allow you to secure your connection. Thanks to it, you are sure that your data (e-mails, photos, documents, etc.) are encoded and that they cannot be read by anyone. A security channel is created between your device and the server to which you are connected. Your data is automatically encrypted and therefore out of reach of your ISP.

With a VPN, you can also surf the internet anonymously. The VPN changes your real IP address (unique geolocated address) to a completely anonymous IP address that does not store data. You can surf without anyone being able to follow your track and all your history! This is convenient for those who want to have access to private information. Each time you connect, the VPN changes your IP address.

A risk-free download

With a VPN, you can also download safely and without restriction. As we explained above, your IP is perfectly masked and you will not be able to be identified at all. By downloading Torrents in P2P under VPN, you will have no problem of control (no disagreement with Hadopi if your downloads have sensitive keywords). Just make sure it’s a no-log VPN, that Torrents are accepted, and that it has the Kill Switch feature.

Access to all streaming content

Stream from anywhere and everywhere (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Netflix, LinkedIn…)! The VPN allows, in fact, today to bypass geographic blocks.

Due to censorship by government authorities, some companies limit the distribution of their streaming content depending on the country. Ex: Netflix has long been inaccessible in France and when you are abroad it is also sometimes difficult to access French videos. With a VPN, all these problems are bypassed! So you can watch all the programs in streaming FR, US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, etc. wherever you are in the world, in complete safety.

Easy to use

The best VPNs have the advantage of also having a simplified interface which makes them easier to use for everyone. Some VPNs even have a French interface. The configuration is therefore faster, easier, and without inconvenience.

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