Whatsapp Business – How To Take Advantage Of It For Our Business


Whatsapp Business is a tool capable of enhancing your services, and thanks to this, you can offer personalized treatment to customers and companies. Also, by using the business management functions that this tool has, you can achieve effective communication to transmit the information you want. In this way, you will be able to reach a higher level of extension of the service provided, and you will even be able to better satisfy the needs of the users better.

Without a doubt, it is worth learning more about this resource to learn how to get the most out of your business. In this way, you could avoid losing sales opportunities.

In this article, we invite you to learn about all the features of Whatsapp Business to make the most of this tool in the online business world.

What Is WhatsApp Business?

Whatsapp Business is an application compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. The main objective of this application is to improve the interaction that companies have with other companies or potential clients. In this way, you can work in this environment in a fast, fluid, automated and orderly manner.

The operation of WhatsApp Business is similar to WhatsApp Messenger, the online messaging service, since it maintains the same characteristics but with additional functions. The latter is helpful in the business environment to meet the previously mentioned objectives and to have a better sales channel.

Whatsapp Business Features

This tool differs from WhatsApp Messenger due to the features added in the settings section. For example, one of them is the Business Settings section, where business aspects are combined. Right here, you can edit business-related profile information, such as:

  • Company address.
  • Business hours.
  • Location on the map.
  • Contact number.
  • Email.
  • Type of company activity.
  • Description of the business.
  • The link to the website.

WhatsApp Business differs from the traditional online messaging service by adding, among other things, welcome and absence messages. These usually appear every time a user contacts the account. In them, you can add information of interest, which allows visitors to receive better customer service.

With this new WhatsApp application, you also have access to quick responses, ideal for displaying specific text in business chat according to users’ words or letters. In this way, you can respond to concerns intelligently, for example, when they ask about the schedule, prices, and characteristics of a specific product or service, among others.

You also find a statistics section, something that does not appear in the traditional online messaging service. In this, you can see the number of WhatsApp messages sent, received and read.

Likewise, the WhatsApp Business modality allows you to integrate landline telephone lines to the account, to have ideal customer support. In this way, you can communicate with users or companies from this line in the application itself. In addition, this customer service tool also allows you to segment customers to send messages to a specific target among your contacts. In this way, you will not waste time looking for references in a generalized and more extended list.

How To Get The Most Out of WhatsApp Business?

Combining all the customer support features that this tool has, you can successfully implement it to manage your business. To do this, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

  • Segment contacts: here, you should use all the information about the types of customers. In this way, you can offer them personalized communication according to their interests.
  • Define messages: You must develop statements that demonstrate your professionalism. For example, you can include emojis or other formats according to your business, such as infographics, welcome videos, gifs, etc.
  • Avoid spam: here, you can schedule sending the information only for potential customers. If these clients share these messages with their contacts, you can reach a larger audience.
  • Business chat: with this feature of WhatsApp Business, you can customize the chat rooms according to your needs so that they are more than just common WhatsApp messages and provide data of interest to users.
  • Profile image: you can add a good photo that identifies your brand. In addition, you can adapt to all the dates on the calendar, such as events or special occasions.
  • Renew states: that the application offers you the possibility to contribute more than just WhatsApp messages; since you can update your status to post relevant information or news.
  • Product catalog: with this application, you can add a record of products or services to improve customer support. So users can enjoy relevant visual information with prices, features and more.

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