Why Do I Need An Influencer Agency?


Influencer marketing has been a reality for years.

However, the term “influencer” is not always well understood. When we talk about people with millions of followers on social media, we often refer to them who upload photos in hotels with infinity pools and seem to spend their lives at parties and places with VIP access.

An influencer is nothing other than a person who can influence others, which has existed all his life. We all have a friend whom we consult when choosing a restaurant or a family member whose book recommendations are essential.

When this influence comes from the hands of someone outside our immediate environment and goes online, either through blogs or social networks, that is when we put that “influencer” label on it.

An influencer is a person who has this ability to influence but whose message is amplified to a community that comes to him for inspiration, advice or help when making a purchase decision.

Brands realized for some time that “influencers” spoke from you to you with their target audience and with their customers, making them a real treasure and an unbeatable marketing tool.
Traditional, one-way advertising with “my product is the best” messages no longer works and has been replaced by more credible recommendations from real people.

Now, how do I know which influencers to choose for my campaigns? How do I know that I have to pay or ask an influencer for their recommendation to be effective?

This is where influencer agencies come into play, a fundamental piece on which the success of a campaign can depend and which can save us a lot of time, money and effort.

Why Does a Brand Need An Influencer Agency?

The main reasons for Ismael are the agency’s ability to audit the influencers’ profiles and validate that they do not have false followers and that they are credible when recommending the brand.
But in addition, experts tells us, the agencies play a fundamental role when defining the strategy (something key to determining the success or failure of the campaign) and are in charge of the contracts, briefings and communication with the influencer, something that in Large campaigns can take a lot of time and effort.

Do I Hire An Influencer Agency, or Do I Use Software To Help Me Manage Them?

“There is software that allows you to search for influencers and audit them to see if they are suitable for your brand, but then you have to maintain the relationship with them, adjust strategies, interact and see the conditions of the contract.

If the campaign is with one or two influencers, it is not a problem, but if you want to do a campaign with fifty influencers and send them the briefing, follow up and manage the payments, no software can solve it. “

What Benefits Do I Get From Hiring An Agency If I Am An Influencer?

“If you are an influencer with a large following, you need a representation agency, just like if you are an actor or a singer.

Agencies save a lot of management time, help you get more campaigns and take care of the contracts.

Usually, an agency takes a commission of 20 or 25% of the influencer’s income, but in return, you can get many more campaigns than you would have at your fingertips on your own.

In addition, it is a variable fee. If they don’t get you campaigns, they don’t charge you anything, so there is no fixed monthly cost. “

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