5 Reasons Why Secure Remote Access is Important


A remote working environment, or “Work From Home (WHM),” is the new normal for most businesses and corporations across the globe now.

It has almost been two years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and since then, businesses are no longer working from a single location. This is a good thing, of course. Employees can stay safe at home, businesses save on overhead costs, and so on.

However, this flexible environment also comes with several cybersecurity risks and issues like phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, and other security threats and breaches — putting sensitive business data and information at risk.

This is why Secure Remote Access solutions are now at the forefront of cybersecurity measures and a powerful IT tool helping organizations save their confidential information.

This article will discuss what secure remote access is and its significance for your organization’s security.

What is Secure Remote Access?

Secure Remote Access is an IT technology that helps individuals log in to a network in a secure manner and protects this internal network from malicious and unauthorized access.

It uses several different technologies, strategies, and applications to protect business networks and computer systems from falling into the hands of unauthorized entities.

It is also a reliable way to help managers view what their employees are trying to view or access on their company network/device- ensuring internal and external security.

Reasons to opt for Secure Remote Access.

Remote access security risks are inevitable. However, you can prevent them and protect your network using Secure Remote Access services.

Here are some reasons how your organization can benefit from Secure Remote Access:

1. Safe internet access and browsing

The Internet is a significant part of most businesses ’ workflows. With Secure Remote Access, employees are protected from multiple online threats like phishing attacks, malware, and ransomware threats when logged in to the business network.

It monitors and detects abnormal activities, ensuring the employee’s and businesses’ data safety and security.

2. Secure access from any device

Every employee might use a different device, depending on their preference, when working from home. Secure Remote Access applications permit authorized access to the employees to a network from any preferable device.

It allows employees to access any file or data securely and troubleshoot any problems remotely. Without meeting in person, an IT expert can access any device remotely through Secure Remote Access and fix the problem.

3. Improved employee security awareness

The transition to the WFH or remote working environment has encouraged businesses to update and modernize their cybersecurity systems and policies.

This has also educated employees of the significance and importance of keeping business files and data secure and secure access and internet browsing.

4. Protected endpoints

When employees use multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, or desktops, a remote access solution security ensures all the devices logged in and connected to the company’s network are secured and protected against online threats.

This offers the employees the flexibility to send an email through their smartphone or join a business meeting through their desktops without worrying about security risks.

5. Seamless employee and business management

With a Secure Remote Access solution, businesses lack the visibility to monitor multiple devices and users connected and logged in to the company network.

In contrast, Secure Remote Access allows employees to see who is accessing their network and what they are accessing- ensuring seamless management, a robust interface, and high network security.


Therefore, give your business network the security and protection it needs and ensure Secure Remote Access implementation for utmost network security against malicious online threats and security breaches.

While there are many options for remote access software, you can check out Instasafe Zero Trust Security services that offer Secure Remote Access anywhere without compromising network security. So, choose an appropriate option per your business needs and requirements.

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