5 Tips for Advertising Blogs Online


Did you know it’s easy to make an extra $2000 a month through blogging alone?

Did you know you can also make millions a year while working 10 hours or less a week?

Does it sound like a scam? It’s not.

Blogging can be one of the most fun and lucrative careers, so it’s time to get on board; a perk is that it’s easy to integrate into your current lifestyle. Just blog about what you know to start. However, in order to vastly up your blog’s potential as an income stream, you’ll want to know all about advertising blogs.

Keep reading to learn how to increase traffic to your blog and more.

1. Create Quality Content

Your number one focus should be on quality content. Quality can be optimized in different ways, starting with SEO. 


Paying attention to SEO is one of the best things you can do for your blog traffic.

Let’s review how the internet works to explain this. Take Google for example one of the metrics Google uses to decide what to show is how valuable a site’s content is. They gauge value by how many other websites cite the website in question through links.

It’s also kind of a cycle: the higher ranked your site is, the more other sites will find you and then link back to you.

What can you do to greatly increase the chance you’ll get ranked?

That’s through doing SEO research like paying attention to the quality of your links, your information, your sentence structure, and your keyword usage.

Content Quality

Google’s algorithm has thousands of facets. It evaluates for plagiarism, bots, authentic links, and more. One of the surefire ways to get noticed is to produce quality content; the content speaks for itself.

Make sure your articles are free of grammar issues, formatted for readability, and peppered with engaging or useful headlines.

The search engines can tell.

2. Utilize Social Media

Once you’ve got your blog set up, you’ll want to cross-promote it. Content creation on multiple platforms is king.

Have you seen those food influencers on TikTok? Their videos may rack up millions of likes or views, but that’s not where the real money is.

They make money by revealing some information in their TikTok video and directing visitors to their blog for the full recipe. That blog will have ads, and the more people visit their blog from the TikTok and view their ads, the more money the blogger makes.

That’s how bloggers can hit millions of dollars in income a year–funneling people to their website through other social media channels.

We can’t emphasize enough the benefit of being on social media. All it will cost is your time, but it could have the absolute biggest return if you go viral on any one of your channels. For maximum exposure, be on multiple platforms.

Have a Unified Brand Aesthetic

97% of Fortune 500 companies are on social media. To compete in that space, your personal brand should be recognizable.

You don’t need everything to be done by a professional graphic designer, but providing similar content on all your platforms increases your brand visibility.

Have logos, similar handles, and use similar fonts in all your graphics and videos.

3. Have a Mobile-Friendly Interface

In keeping with web design trends, you’ll want to make sure your website has a mobile-friendly interface.

Nothing is more of a turnoff than a website that just breaks when you try to open it on your phone or one horribly formatted for phones. This tip synergizes with the previous one.

Most people will be using social media from the comfort of their phones. They’ll be on Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. They’ll click from those platforms to your blog, so you best make sure your blog has a mobile-friendly format.

You may have heard that desktop websites drive sales more than mobile ones. This is true, but customers need multiple engagements with your content before they are likely to make a purchase or subscribe.

Some of those engagements will be through mobile, and if your platform is completely unusable there, viewers will be completely turned off.

4. Drive Content Engagement With Visuals

In short, make sure visuals are accompanying any text you put out. Better yet, vary your content with videos, TikToks, and more.

Let’s take a culinary blog for example.

A high-effort, high-traffic post may have a beautifully edited video of you making the recipe, a write-up about the recipe, and then the actual recipe itself, for this you have to buy domain name.

A blog about bullet journalling should have high-quality images of the different journal spreads you create. A blog about gardening should show pictures of what you’ve grown or gardening centers you’ve visited in the city.

Viewers are a lot more likely to keep engaging with your content if there are attractive visuals to match.

5. Cultivate Loyal Readers Through Email

Email outreach is the best way to build long-term relationships with your readers.
For one, it reminds people (everyone has a busy life!) that you exist. It’s not meant to shout in their ear to visit your blog, but it can be a gentle nudge that can re-engage inactive readers with your content.
Pair these emails with informational content, promotions, and more, and you have an easy channel to promote both website traffic and sales conversions.
Use your emails to shout out to your readers that engage with you, or to promote other blogs. Pay it forward. You never know who will promote you in return.

Advertising Blogs for More Traffic and Organic Engagement

Want to increase blog traffic? Advertising blogs using several channels is the best way to do it.
In this guide, we’ve covered social media, email, SEO, and more. Know that there are tons of options available to you, including paid advertising and hiring freelancers to create content for you.
As you grow your content, we’re here with you along the way. Check out our marketing section for more tips.

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