Applying Neuromarketing To Your Business or Company


In the following article, we will delve into the advantages that you can obtain by applying Neuromarketing to your business and how this is a fundamental tool for attracting clients, forming part of one of the main axes that support the correct development of any company.

We must bear in mind that the analysis and interpretation of potential clients can make the difference between a possible sale or the loss of that client.

Therefore, we will analyze the concept itself and derive its application.

What Is Neuromarketing?

We can define the concept of Neuromarketing as a business application discipline. Its objective is to predict the behavior of consumers in the product marketing process.

In other words, it consists of applying the technologies derived from neuroscience to the concept of marketing and its use in the company—all this with the ultimate goal of carrying out adequate sales management and achieving the desired profit.

Neuromarketing will be able to provide information, better understand consumer behavior in the face of possible stimuli derived from advertising, and achieve more effective decision-making.

Through its application, it is possible to check the level of attention and the responses at a sensory level offered by the consumer through its different stimuli.

This may be a way of knowing how the brain reacts to different advertising campaigns. In this way, you can understand the possible behavior of consumers or potential customers who purchase the product.

To achieve a proper investigation of this study, different strategies based on collecting information from consumers are used. 

These techniques can be divided into geometry and biometry.

Actions such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography, or magnetoencephalography derive from the first. On the other hand, regarding the second, we can find electrical conductance of the skin or, for example, Eye-Tracking, which refers to eye tracking to find out what attracts the individual’s attention.

Typologies of Neuromarketing

In its general scope, we can say that Neuromarketing is mainly oriented in 3 ways:

  • Auditory: This area would consist of those sounds that allow association through a memory that derives from a means of promotion or advertising. In this case, the environment is based on music or sounds or the use of certain melodies that may be pleasant to consumers.
  • Visual: They would consist of those images visualized by the consumer and familiar to him due to the impact caused in his memory.
  • Kinesthetic: It would consist of the impact or influence on the consumer through smell, taste, or touch.

Neuromarketing vs. Emotional Marketing

It is common at times that there is confusion between both concepts. Although both are related to human behavior, both focus on different points.

Emotional marketing focuses primarily on emotions and how they influence product selection. It is based on less objective aspects but of great importance in decision-making.

However, Neuromarketing focuses on how the consumer’s brain works, and it focuses on measuring the consumer’s reaction to different stimuli.

His analysis is focused on more aspects of the brain and not just emotion.

Benefits of Applying Neuromarketing To Your Business

The main advantage derived from the application of Neuromarketing is knowing in greater depth how to get the attention of the target audience.

This mechanism is capable of knowing the stimuli of consumers without the need to carry out traditional procedures, such as interviews or surveys.

In general, the advantages of Neuromarketing would be the following:

  • Know the different points of view, allowing observation in another way over traditional procedures. This makes it easier to achieve a more significant impact in marketing campaigns.
  • It allows the analysis and evaluation of the consumer without directly influencing him. This is contrary to traditional procedures. It facilitates both a conscious and subconscious analysis of the individual.
  • Greater precision is achieved thanks to new technological procedures adapted to the behavior and thoughts of consumers.
  • It is capable of improving the consumer experience. In this way, the organization can approach the actual needs of the individual and the satisfaction in the different processes.
  • Allows the identification of behavior patterns. This facilitates the adaptation of campaigns and the transformation of more personalized products, thus allowing easier management.

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