IT Security – Fit For Managed Security Services In 6 Steps

The trend towards Managed Security Services (MSS) is becoming increasingly apparent. The reason: Many IT departments are now reaching the limits of their performance regarding security since attack scenarios are constantly changing and the handling of security tools is becoming more and more complex. Companies, therefore, call in specialists to avoid risks. Establish A Basic […]

Technological Challenges In Business Strategy In 2022

In this particular 2022 that has changed our lives due to the impact of COVID-19, technology is an important cushion that minimizes the impact suffered by people and companies. This success represents a boost in the digitization of organizations and marks the future roadmap. Technologies that manage to provide greater flexibility will enable companies to […]

Two-Factor Authentication – Opportunity Or Risk?

Double is not automatically better: conscientious handling your data is the be-all and end-all. Two-factor authentication ( 2FA ) is a “strong customer authentication” measure that checks whether an electronic payment transaction is legitimately made. The 2FA consists of a first factor for the identity of a user, which consists of a username and password, […]

The Importance of Videoconferencing Tech

What if you could find a videoconferencing device that could do everything you need it to do? If you have tried other videoconferencing devices, you might have noticed the slight inadequacies that prevent you from having a great user experience. You may spend hours searching for the perfect videoconferencing devices that delivers on-demand. If you are ready to experience […]

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