5 Phases On The Way To A Personal Branding

PERSONAL BRANDING is a challenge – professionally and personally. Therefore, it is essential to develop a strategy with clearly defined goals and wishes right from the start, coinciding with professional requirements and personal expectations. The professional environment and fundamental skills play just as important a role as realistic self-assessment and knowledge of one’s strengths, weaknesses, […]

The Omnipresence Of Marketing – Marketing And Interpersonal Relationships

Marketing is much more than (knowing) selling. And when we talk about marketing, people tend to think about all three things: advertising, brands, and products. But what if marketing is embodied in practically everything around us? What if marketing and interpersonal relationships are related? In this article, I will show you a different point of […]

How Blockchain Technology Will Change Logistics Forever

The word “blockchain” has become quite common since it’s introduction in 2008. After being initially embraced by the tech community, it has now caught the attention of businesses across industries including finance, healthcare, manufacturing and even logistics. In essence, this distributed ledger system allows secure transactions without third parties or intermediaries. In this article I […]

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