Developing A Content Strategy: Helpful Tips To Get You Started

Approaching content marketing strategically saves you a lot of work. But what does a good content strategy look like? We have compiled the most important tips – and show which stages of the process are almost always neglected. What Makes a Content Strategy? Most companies need help to grow successfully with content marketing. But that’s […]

Mobile Content Marketing – How To Create Content For Smartphones

Smartphone users predominate on most websites. You also have to consider this in content marketing. In this article, you will learn what mobile content marketing can look like – and what is essential when producing smartphone content. That’s What Mobile Content Marketing Is All About Around 80 percent of internet users are now mobile. Their […]

How To Use Pinterest To Increase Traffic And Sales In e-commerce

Advertisers usually reach for proven social networks or advertising systems When they think about channels that could boost their sales and bring new potential customers to the web. Performance channels such as Meta, Google or price comparators are gradually becoming a standard that should not be missing from any company’s marketing strategy. Other platforms, which […]

Programmatic Advertising – What Is It And What Are Its Advantages

For a brand to enhance its presence in the digital environment, it must plan a marketing strategy in which digital advertising is present.A well-designed advertising campaign must have a prior research process that identifies the ideal type of audience, the most appropriate channels to transmit it, and the type of message that should be used […]

How To Use Digital Marketing In The Industrial Sector To Stand Out In A Saturated Market

The purchasing process has changed. It doesn’t matter if you are a B2C or B2B manufacturer; your potential buyers are going to spend significant time in their purchase decision process researching you online before considering contacting you. The reality is that 88 percent of consumers begin their purchase process online. A significant portion of B2B […]

Inbound Marketing For Industries Resistant To The Crisis

The threat of a global economic crisis is still lurking, slowing down the market and making companies need to find ways to protect their income from imminent price increases and budget cuts. For companies that are not affected by this instability (technological, medical, financial sector, etc.), short-term actions are not yet necessary, although they should […]

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