Ignorance Is No Excuse – Why it’s More Important Than Ever To Have Visibility Into Your Business’s Data

We are living in an increasingly digital world. A realm where more and more of our critical information is stored on the web. A society where the sum total of someone’s life is just a few hacks away. In light of this, it’s baffling that so many businesses don’t have visibility into their data. If […]

How 5G Will Serve Marketing And Customer Experience

5G is coming soon across the world and, well beyond a formidable technological revolution, it will also bring a new dimension to marketing, allowing brands and companies to reinvent themselves. Through more interactivity, marketers will be able to better target consumers, and the online customer experience will be better.5G will be synonymous with speed, with […]

Database Migration: Tips For Smooth Operation In The Cloud

The availability and processing of data is an important part of day-to-day business for digitized companies. All applications, from personnel management software to online shops, are connected to databases and feed their processes from their stocks. If database queries take too long, the applications that access them also stutter. This also affects users and customers […]

Software As a Service: Important Reasons For The Deployment Of Management Software In Companies

The provision of software as a service is becoming increasingly important for many companies. In a post, Here we explain the most important reasons for using SaaS solutions. Software plays an increasingly important role in many everyday products – such as the car and the camera. Companies that recognize and take this to heart can […]

The Non-Technological Skills That Will Allow Us To Excel In IT In 2020

Normally, when we talk about this skill blog, they are always technological. However, sometimes non-technological skills are what, in the medium and long term, can give us a competitive advantage. This implies the job of the IT proficient is advancing to incorporate the capacity to coordinate the developing innovation requests that cover overall divisions in […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Marketing And Sales

Traditionally, marketing and sales managers make decisions about products, brands, advertising, promotions, prices, and sales channels based on extensive customer knowledge. Will these decisions soon be made by artificial intelligence (AI) machines? Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and machine learning are already having a significant impact on sales and marketing. The developments are progressing rapidly. […]

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