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Facebook continued to develop. Not only did some jobs get a visual overhaul, but new features were also introduced. Probably the biggest and most important innovation is the marketplace, which has gradually been released for various countries. The social network is therefore no longer just for talking to friends, you can now also earn money with your things.

What is the Facebook Marketplace?

Behind it hides a flea market, which enables users to buy and sell used/new things. So, for example, if you still have an old smartphone in the drawer or want to part with items that have been collected, you can now offer them on the Facebook marketplace. If you are interested, you can send a message to them, which is also indicated to you. Then all the details are clarified and the sale can take place. Facebook does not set any rules in this regard, so buyers and sellers can freely decide how and where they exchange the goods for money.

This is how the platform is built

When entering the marketplace, there is a navigation overview on the left. It contains the buttons “Browse”, “Purchases”, “Sales” and “Saved articles”, so you can use it to search for articles, for example. To do this, simply click the “Browse” button and fill in the search bar with a term to the right. Filters are installed directly below, so that the price and range can be limited, among other things. The magnifying glass then shows the results. Under “Purchases” you can see all of your previously purchased pieces, under “Sales” you can see all the products you have set yourself. Interesting articles can be saved and can then be found under “Saved articles”. The categories are directly below the overview,

Set objects

If you have something to sell, you will find the “+ Sell something” button in the top right. If you click on it, a new window opens, which requires different information from you. At the top, an article name is required, the price must be specified directly below. Then there is the location, the category, and an optional description. The whole thing is rounded off with photos, which can be added at the bottom. Once everything has been filled in, just click on “Post”. After a short wait, the ad is online and users of the platform can see it.

There is great potential

Since the start, it has become quite clear that the Facebook Marketplace has great potential. Many users are already taking the opportunity to sell the items they no longer need. The rules for this are nothing special, from laptops to car tires you can offer everything. The greatest profiteers are the people who have already discovered other platforms such as Shpock or various Facebook groups. All have the same goal and rely on the possibility that used items will find a new owner.

You should pay attention to this

Since both parties are completely free to agree, both the buyer and the seller should only use a safe method. The ideal solution is of course a personal handover, so the change goes hand in hand across the stage. If this is not possible due to the range, secure payment methods such as PayPal are recommended. In turn, transfers are a risk. When shipping, you should also insist on a receipt, which may also include a tracking number. So in the end both are on the safe side.

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