How Can a Person Remember To Drink Enough Water Each Day Even When They Have a Busy Schedule?


We see that hydration is important every day no matter how hot or cold the weather is as we have seen already. We know that the beginning stages of dehydration can make a person feel a little lethargic, as well as may cause headaches along with causing a feeling of hunger yet it’s thirst, as well as dry skin, chapped lips, along with constipation. We see that water plays a role in metabolism as well as cellular membrane function, along with regulating their body temperature (as we know that sweating is a great example), which aids in digestion to break down foods, as well as helps to deliver oxygen throughout their entire working body, aids in digestion from saliva production (which we know already houses digestive enzymes), along with lubricating joints, as well as helps our brains create hormones along with neurotransmitters, and keeps our mucosal membranes moist as well (think of their lung as well as digestive issues). It also transports nutrients from the foods especially water-soluble vitamins at the same time, as well as keeps our cells rejuvenated, along with reproducing, as well as surviving.

We see that hydration time can also help them get along as well. They can also focus the in-between mealtime as their hydration time as well, along with sipping on hot tea, water, along sparkling water so they are focusing on drinking enough water. We see that some of the personal favorite tips people use daily are to take a large water bottle along with put 3-4 rubber bands on it, and each time they drink the full water bottle, and take off a rubber band and repeat until all rubber bands are off the bottle as well. This way each rubber band could represent the cup of water or 2 cups depending on if they are drinking other beverages throughout the day as well. There are certain teacher app or teaching app that helps teach the importance of drinking water and its health benefits. We know that the “golden rule” for the amount a person should drink is 8-10 cups a day, but we’re all so different that a better guideline may be to start from the 10 cups a day, as well as then adjust depending on their activity level, climate, digestion, etc.

A person as we know needs increased amounts if they exercise and sweat if they are active throughout the day if they are not eating enough water-containing foods, or if they eat a high fiber diet as well. Also, we see that they pay attention to the color of their urine. We know that ideally, it should be pale yellow/clear, as well as if it’s dark yellow this is a good indicator they may need much more water. Otherwise, they must chat with a licensed dietitian to help them figure that out. Along with a side note, they must not forget foods that also contain water such as cucumbers, watermelon, lettuces as well. We see that this can help them visualize how much water they have already consumed as well as how much more they have to go! We see that the bonus is if they have sliced lemon instead for a little visual motivation as well as inspiration to sip as well.

They must also place water bottles wherever they frequent as well.  For instance, they can also keep a water bottle with them at all times, but for ease, they can keep one in the car, one at the office, as well as one in the gym bag, etc. can ensure that they have a water bottle wherever they go no matter if they accidentally leave one behind as well. They must remember to mark dots or markings on their water bottle where each dot or marking represents a cup of water as well. If they put 8 dots on your water bottle or the goal amount of servings they want to drink in that bottle, then move a rubber band down the dots as they drink 1 cup. This will make sure that they are consuming enough amounts of water as well.

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