In 2021 Companies Will Make The Final Leap Towards Digitization

Leap Towards Digitization

Augmented Reality and its development in industrial and corporate environments will also experience exponential growth over the next year, along with remote work solutions, which in turn will transform the way companies hire and train their employees. personal.

New ways of understanding telecommuting, a collaboration between employees, and the arrival of new technologies that will transform certain industries are just some of the most significant changes that we will witness over the next year. TeamViewer has analyzed which have been the main transformations that the pandemic has caused in the digital environment and has anticipated what the trends will be for 2021 in the information technology sector:

The impulse towards total digitization – Digital transformation has been very present in recent years, however, it will be in the post-COVID environment of 2021 when we can see how companies, especially the smallest ones, will give a final push towards digitization. Whereas, in the pre-COVID era, companies could afford to hesitate to adopt new technologies, spending a lot of time searching for the perfect solution, the new and urgent needs that emerged during the pandemic made them realize that the systems are mature enough that the technology is here and adopting it is easier than they thought. This positive experience during the peak of the crisis will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on how companies approach digitization in the future.

The exponential growth of Augmented Reality – Augmented Reality and its development in industrial and corporate environments will experience exponential growth over the next year. During the period of lockdown, midsize companies began to realize the true potential that AR holds in helping their workers carry out their tasks more efficiently. This situation is also present in end customers, who are becoming familiar with these tools, which can be of great help for situations such as, for example, repairing devices from their own home thanks to remote technical assistance from a professional. The year 2021 will continue to open new horizons for AR technology to be implemented in more industries.

Remote is the new normal – Although workers may gradually return to their offices over the next year, we will continue to see that a hybrid environment would be the most likely scenario, that is, half of the workforce working remotely and the other half from the offices. Today, any professional who performs their work from an office and with a computer can start telecommuting almost instantly, and in fact, remote solutions that were not commonly known before the pandemic have become very familiar to the vast majority of workers. Work culture has completely changed, and that change is here to stay.

Changes in an employee’s adaptation processes – Teleworking has radically changed many work processes, and the incorporation of a new employee into a company in a remote work context is one of them. Thanks to remote connectivity, wearable devices, and IoT solutions, it is easier for employees to complete their training, even when they cannot have someone physically by their side. This new possibility will transform the way companies hire and train their staff and the way employees interact with each other even when they do not share the same place.

GDPR compliance and privacy will no longer be our worst nightmare – Privacy compliance issues have been one of the main setbacks for companies to deploy remote connectivity solutions or adopt other digital tools such as AR or the IoT. The year 2020 has meant a mindset shift for many companies that have realized that today’s platforms and technologies are secure, efficient, and rigorously compliant enough for their businesses to thrive even in times of crisis.

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