Developing New Perspectives for Your Content: What’s Your Point of View


You may have seen the phrase “content is king” around, but the phrase still stands to this day. In a B2B landscape, competition is inevitable, which is why all businesses invest in building relevant, high-quality content that’s engaging and useful to readers.

Publishing valuable content is an effective strategy to grow leads, engagement, and conversions. So, what kind of content should you be producing? The answer is high-quality content.

High-quality content means content pieces created to achieve specific goals. The best way to ensure that your content will deliver and translate to your audiences is by creating content that’s:

  • useful;
  • easy to understand;
  • helpful;
  • accurate;
  • educational;
  • and provides the best answer for your customer queries.

Continue reading to find out some of the best practices for effective content marketing.

Best Practices for Effective Content Marketing

Your customers have to come first

Businesses should put themselves in their customers’ place. What are their common questions or concerns? How do they make their purchasing decision?

This is how a brand should think. Figure out your audience’s problem and how your products/services will solve that problem. Your audience is probably looking for resources to help with their problems, so you might as well give them the answer they’re looking for through relevant content articles or graphics.

Use empirical and accurate data to understand what your audience needs

When researching what type of content your audience would want to see, it’s best to understand them first. Researching and studying your customers’ likes and dislikes, interests, demographics, and psychographics can give you a deeper insight into their wants and needs.

After fetching the data, you can then use it to create high-quality content around their pain points and interests you think would best appeal to your audience. Leverage data to gauge how they would receive the content, and then make the adjustments.

Try delving into live streaming

Consumers have become more careful about purchasing things. Since the pandemic, brands worldwide have switched to providing their consumers with new ways to shop. However, consumers have been keener on seeing the product in use rather than having a website describe it to them. Even though websites tend to have videos and product photos, some brands are delving into live streaming.

Live streaming content like demonstrating how to use a product or even selling them live can boost your visual content marketing strategy. This is the closest some of your audience will get to experience your brand. You can live stream for different purposes, not just for selling. You can make product announcements, talk about an upcoming promotion, product demonstrations, or even a Q&A session to engage your audience more.

Give value to your brand

It hasn’t been the easiest two years, and if there’s anything that the pandemic has taught us, that is to find meaning and purpose in everything, even in business. No matter what industry you’re in, your business should be sensitive to the current needs of the consumers. You can focus on values in your content through some of the ways below:

  • Show your customers how they can make use of your products and services.
  • Share out how you give back to the community.
  • Present your customers with low-risk promotions like free trials or guarantees.

Utilize multi-channel marketing for your business

With the constant advancements in technology, brands marketers have been looking for new ways to adapt to the changing times of commerce. Consumers are being more explorative, seeking new ways for brands to amp up the customer experience. Here below are some ways you can boost your brand’s user experience platform.

  • Account-Based Marketing
    • ABM is a sales and marketing technique where marketers use the information provided by the sales team to know more about their audience to cater campaigns to them.
  • Audio Content
    • According to a HubSpot survey, 53% of professionals find audio content like podcasts effective in engagement and brand awareness. 80% plan to invest more into audio content and podcasts in 2022.
  • Voice Search
    • 12% of HubSpot marketers are currently leveraging voice search in their strategy, 41% of the 12% state they plan to increase their investments in voice search in 2022.
  • Artificial Integration
    • AI isn’t to replace humans but to improve customer assistance by helping them solve their problems quicker and more thoroughly. AI is also great for collecting and analyzing data and making data-driven decisions.
  • High-Quality Search Engine Optimization
    • 61% of marketers say that improving search engine optimization (SEO) is their top inbound marketing priority to increase their online organic presence.
  • Influencer Marketing
    • Influencers are often masters of the platform they’ve chosen, so it makes sense to collaborate, especially if you’re just starting to penetrate the platform.

Staying on one channel won’t be enough to meet the demand of the ever-changing customer journey and experience. To continue creating high-quality content, you need to reach a broader audience base and access more data. You can do this with added marketing integrations.

Develop Your Business Perspective

Because of the constant changes to marketing strategies, using only one channel to promote your brand can be detrimental to your business. Developing new perspectives for your content will drive you closer to your audience and allow you to listen to their needs better.

Integrating high-quality content is one of the most challenging areas of marketing, but it’s an area you can work on. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow and attract targeted audiences.

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