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What is SQL Injection and How to Prevent it?

SQL injection is among the vulnerabilities that are highly dangerous¬†for web-based applications. It arises when a user adds malicious data into a SQL query. When filling out a form, for instance, if SQL injection is possible, cybercriminals create user input to bypass authentication, corrupt the records, and steal valuable data from your database. SQL injection […]

Logical Computer Security – Basic Principles And Fundamental Policies

Information in its broadest meaning is today one of the essential elements for the development and growth of any organization’s business. The current social and commercial interconnection makes information security an essential element, as information is increasingly exposed to a growing number and variety of threats and vulnerabilities. Consequently, adequate and effective protection is needed. […]

Difference Between Software Development vs Web Development

Web development is the term used to create web applications or websites that need to get hosted. It can include the creation of web pages, or the coding of web applications from scratch. Web development means developing a complex web-based application as well as the development of simple and single-page applications. Web development mainly is […]

Network Penetration Testing And Everything Relevant About It

Network penetration testing is the process of attempting to penetrate a computer network or system from the outside, often using automated tools. It is different from regular penetration testing because it specifically targets networks and systems rather than individual devices. Network penetration testing can be an important part of your security plan, as it can […]

Digitized Signature In MacOS – How To Create And Use It?

macOS offers several native extensions that are helpful in many situations. But the most important thing is that they are easy and quick to apply, which increases your efficiency and saves time. I often use the electronic, more precisely digitized signature, which has been available within the ” markup ” function for several years. Still, […]

Video Conferencing Fatigue – How To Deal With It?

Video conferencing has firmly entered the lives of people who work remotely and do not visit the office. Thanks to video communication, such workers communicate with their colleagues, resolve work issues, and hold meetings. All this allows team members to act together, to feel like a single whole. Is Our Video Conferencing Excellent Or Bad? […]

What Is a Chromebook, And How Is it Different From Others?

The devices known by the name of Chromebook are one of the novelties that have attracted the most attention in recent months. These are computers intended for a part of the public that only requires computers with which to navigate the Internet. Therefore, its design and operating system are focused on improving the user experience […]

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