Crisis Marketing – New Opportunities After COVID-19

Experts capture all their professional experience in Crisis Marketing, new opportunities after COVID-19, a book that seeks to help companies make this way out of the crisis easier. Without magic recipes (that do not exist), applying their own methodology and common sense to a new context. Context and analysis, learn from mistakes The objective of […]

Successful Marketing With Search Engines

Since the successful search engine, Google found its most important business model today, there have been numerous suggestions for improving the existing model. The necessity of the existing model remains undisputed. However, a lot has happened and developed since the classic establishment of SEO marketing. The issue today is so complex that it is also […]

SCAMPER Technique – How it is useful for positioning on the Internet

What is the SCAMPER technique? SCAMPER is an acronym that represents the words: Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put in other uses, Delete, and Reorganize. This technique is very common to innovate, while for positioning on the Internet it is very useful in creating content. Often times, the SEO copywriter or copywriter goes through a creative […]

The Different Forms Of Online Advertising And Their Advantages

Companies have to consider a variety of things in order to survive and succeed in the market. This also includes advertising. There are more than enough reasons to advertise. Advertising can, for example, raise awareness, increase sales, and help to stand out from the competition. Online advertising plays a prominent role in times of digitization. […]

The mission of The Social Media Manager In An eCommerce

The figure of Social Media Manager is one of the new professions that the digital age has brought with it, new profiles that until very recently were not even known. Why is Social Media necessary for eCommerce? The mission of this figure is to plan strategies in the different social networks , differentiating itself from […]

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